Monitoring Excellence with Dynatrace


At FuturWork, we partnered with AXA to enhance their application performance monitoring capabilities using Dynatrace. The project involved migrating from Dynatrace Managed (on-premise) to Dynatrace SaaS, while supporting application product teams and improving the quality of service.


AXA faced several challenges during this transition:

  • Migration Complexity: Moving from an on-premise solution to a SaaS model required comprehensive support and configuration.
  • Skill Requirements: The project demanded advanced knowledge of Dynatrace, coding skills in Puppet and Python, and network knowledge.
  • User Support and Training: Ensuring smooth onboarding and ongoing support for end users was critical.
  • Integration Needs: Incorporating Elastic Stack for additional monitoring scopes and managing code with GitHub added complexity.
  • Infrastructure as Code: Skills in infrastructure as code were desirable for automation needs.


To address these challenges, FuturWork implemented the following solutions:

  1. Dynatrace Migration and Support:
    • Facilitated the migration from Dynatrace Managed to Dynatrace SaaS.
    • Provided comprehensive onboarding activities for Dynatrace, ensuring application product teams were fully supported.
    • Assisted the Dynatrace platform administrator in configuring the tool to meet AXA's specific needs.
    • Conducted operational activities on the Dynatrace monitoring platform to maintain optimal performance.
  2. Training and User Support:
    • Developed and delivered detailed training materials for application monitoring.
    • Supported end users in effectively using Dynatrace, ensuring they could maximize the tool's capabilities.
  3. Coding and Automation:
    • Improved Puppet code to meet automation needs.
    • Enhanced Python code to support Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) requirements.
    • Managed code repositories using GitHub for efficient collaboration and version control.
  4. Network and Integration Support:
    • Provided network support to ensure connectivity for Dynatrace One Agents.
    • Offered expertise on Elastic Stack to complete monitoring scopes using the ELK solution.
    • Leveraged ¬†infrastructure as code skills to streamline deployment and configuration processes.


The solutions provided by FuturWork had a significant impact on AXA's operations:

  • Enhanced Monitoring: Improved application performance monitoring capabilities, leading to higher quality of service.
  • Successful Migration: Smooth transition from on-premise to SaaS, ensuring minimal disruption and enhanced scalability.
  • Empowered Teams: Comprehensive training and support enabled AXA's teams to effectively use Dynatrace and manage application performance.
  • Streamlined Operations: Automation of monitoring processes and integration with the Elastic Stack optimized operational efficiency and responsiveness.

Tools and Frameworks

  • Dynatrace: Advanced knowledge and application for monitoring solutions.
  • GitHub: Effective code management and collaboration.
  • Puppet and Python: Coding for automation and monitoring as a service.
  • Elastic Stack (ELK): Additional expertise for log monitoring and analysis.
  • Infrastructure as Code: Streamlining deployment and configuration processes.