Empowering NLL : Advanced Cybersecurity & Risk Management


At FuturWork, we were engaged by Nemo Link Limited to enhance their risk management and compliance protocols, specifically focusing on cyber security. Leveraging our extensive experience in critical infrastructure projects, we successfully developed and implemented comprehensive strategies to bolster Nemo Link's compliance and risk mitigation frameworks.


Nemo Link Limited, managing a significant asset with a relatively small team, faced multiple challenges in ensuring compliance with stringent legislative and procedural requirements. Key challenges included:

  • Managing and reporting compliance against complex regulations.
  • Enhancing the risk management program with clear policies and procedures.
  • Conducting thorough risk assessments and identifying potential threats.
  • Improving the organization’s cyber security posture.
  • Ensuring comprehensive and auditable evidence for compliance activities.
  • Developing effective training and awareness programs on risk and compliance best practices.
  • Implementing efficient monitoring and reporting mechanisms for compliance and risk management.


To address these challenges, FuturWork implemented the following solutions:

  1. Compliance Management: Established a central register to manage and report compliance, ensuring clear roles and responsibilities. This centralized approach provided a structured framework to monitor compliance with legislative requirements.
  2. Risk Management Program: Reviewed, modified, and maintained the risk management program, introducing a comprehensive central register for policies and procedures, and defining clear roles and responsibilities.
  3. Risk Assessments: Conducted risk assessments and gap analyses using a taxonomy adopted from best practices. Introduced bowtie risk assessments to enhance risk reviews and provide actionable insights.
  4. Cyber Security Enhancements: Shared extensive know-how in cyber threat assessment and integrated it into a central risk and compliance overview. Collaborated on selecting and implementing CRISAM tooling for effective cyber security management.
  5. Internal Audits and Assessments: Defined and executed an internal audit plan to measure the effectiveness of cyber security and compliance programs. Ensured first-line assurance requirements were met through the implementation of the 3 Lines Model and RASCI.
  6. Stakeholder Collaboration: Coordinated with external auditors, regulators, and stakeholders, creating a central overview of regulations and accountable parties, ensuring robust compliance evidence preparation.
  7. Training Programs: Delivered training and awareness programs on risk and compliance best practices, utilizing FuturWork’s comprehensive training portfolio.
  8. Performance Monitoring: Developed monitoring dashboards and reporting metrics to continuously monitor information security controls, exceptions, risks, and testing.


The solutions provided by FuturWork had a significant impact on Nemo Link Limited's business:

  • Enhanced Compliance: Achieved higher levels of compliance with relevant legislative and procedural requirements through a structured and centralized approach.
  • Improved Risk Management: Established a robust risk management framework with clear policies, procedures, and responsibilities, leading to more effective risk mitigation.
  • Stronger Cyber Security Posture: Integrated advanced cyber threat assessments and security controls, significantly improving the organization's cyber security posture.
  • Efficient Monitoring and Reporting: Developed and implemented efficient processes for continuous monitoring and reporting, enabling better decision-making and proactive risk management.
  • Increased Awareness and Skills: Delivered comprehensive training programs, enhancing the team's awareness and skills in risk and compliance management.

Risk & Cybersecurity Frameworks

At FuturWork, we implement industry-leading frameworks to ensure robust cybersecurity and risk management. We utilize ISO/IEC 27001 for our Information Security Management System, aligning with international standards. Our risk management approach is guided by ISO 31000 and NIST Cybersecurity Frameworks, providing a comprehensive structure for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks. Additionally, we incorporate IEC 62443 standards for industrial control system security, ensuring our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of the energy sector. These frameworks collectively enhance our capability to safeguard critical infrastructure and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.